PILOXING® SSP is the original fusion format that made PILOXING® a worldwide success. Uniquely blending two of the fitness industry’s most powerful and timeless disciplines, Pilates and Boxing, PILOXING® SSP adds a third element, dance, creating a high-energy, interval workout. This dynamic program moves through heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations to sculpting and lengthening Pilates-influenced movements, to ‘let yourself GO’ dance releases, and back again. You’ll never enjoy sweating THIS much!


They call it dancing, we call it living! THE MIX by PILOXING® is inspired by commercial dance from the dance mecca of Los Angeles. This all-new program will have you addicted from the first beat. Lose yourself in today’s music hits and iconic throwbacks while learning the most current grooves from LA’s dance scene. THE MIX by PILOXING® is for all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. We want you to dance like no one is watching, move with the frequency and play with the tracks. The world is your stage. Get in THE MIX by PILOXING®.


PILOXING® Barre utilizes the same powerful fundamental disciplines, namely Pilates and Boxing, as PILOXING®. In this game-changing program, PILOXING® goes to the BARRE. In this 45-minute cardio program, you use a ballet barre for stability and resistance so that you lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and box your heart out. Happy joints, strong muscles, healthy heart; that is PILOXING® Barre!


A popular fitness program inspired by Latin dance. Zumba is a registered trademark for the dance classes developed by Alberto “Beto” Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer, as a way to turn a fitness class into a dance party. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — and resistance training. A fun, rhythmic and up-beat cardiovascular workout for anyone ready to move!


  • 1 - Monday
    Time Class Venue Details
    08:00am PILOXING® Wellington Preparatory School and College View Details
    17:45pm PILOXING® Wellington Preparatory School and College View Details
  • 2 - Tuesday
    Time Class Venue Details
    08:30am PILOXING® (For Planet Fitness members only) Brackengate Planet Fitness View Details
    18:00pm THE MIX by PILOXING® Wellington Preparatory School and College View Details
  • 3 - Wednesday
    Time Class Venue Details
    08:00am Zumba/THE MIX by PILOXING® Wellington Preparatory School and College View Details
    18:00pm PILOXING® Barre Wellington Preparatory School and College View Details
  • 4 - Thursday
    Time Class Venue Details
    18:00pm PILOXING® Wellington Preparatory School and College View Details
  • 5 - Friday
    Time Class Venue Details
    08:00am PILOXING® Barre Wellington Preparatory School and College View Details


  • WOMEN'S DAY GETAWAY 2019 9 - 11 August 2019

    An empowering weekend for women, by women. Choc-full of activities such as Piloxing®, Piloxing® Barre, The Mix by Piloxing®, Yoga, enlightening talks by a guest speaker and tons of quality time for yourself with like-minded women, what’s not to love?
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  • Piloxing® Barre Training 30 August 2019

    A full-day instructor training course at Planet Fitness Brackengate, including an hour-long Piloxing® Barre master class for those looking to see (and feel) what it’s all about.
    Contact TNT for further details and to book your spot!


Tania Ndlovu has literally changed my way of life and has brought back my passion for dance through PILOXING, The Mix, PILOXING Barre and Zumba. I attend all of her classes religiously to ensure that my physical, mental and spiritual well-being stays on track and continuously improves. I am renewed by her energy and her vibrance. Tania, you've changed my life and I am forever thankful to you.

Lian, mother of two, ex-ballet dancer, business owner.

I wish I had discovered PILOXING years ago! It's so much fun and the best workout. Tania is so inspiring, she is definitely someone I look up to and respect. Not only for her own personal journey and transformation, but for the positive, friendly, passionate way she leads us all.


You're an inspiration to many of us in all your classes. You push us to be better, be proud, be more focused, be strong, and all for our own well-being. The best part is your personality - it makes living a healthier lifestyle so much fun. You have surely changed my life for the better! I'll always cherish that. Thank you, Tania.

Janine, Mom of James, Wife, Hospitality Manager

I never thought I would enjoy exercise the way I do right now. Tania changed my life when she introduced Piloxing to me. She made exercise fun. Now I look forward to every session just to eat up her energy. She inspired me in so many ways. SSP madly in love!

Sam, business owner, mother, Certified Piloxing Instructor.

Working out with Tania (whether you opt for my favourite, Piloxing, or The Mix, Barre or Zumba), is not only a great, fun workout in which she motivates you to give your best and work up a sweat, it's also an opportunity to socialise and share fun moments with like-minded women. I've become friends with most of the ``regulars`` and look forward to Monday morning Piloxing sessions (can you believe it - looking forward to a first-thing-on-a-Monday workout?!). It is hard work and Tania's electric energy buzzes through the class, so there is no space for loafers, only loads of sweat, anger-releasing boxing, great cardio workouts and fun moves to get one going. Thanks to Tania and her workout regime, I've lost quite a bit of weight and centimetres while loving every minute of it! Can a girl ask for more?


Tania is a master trainer. When you are in her class, you feel that you are in the presence of greatness. Sometimes you do feel that it is a bit wasted on you, so you aim to be better, work harder and be more worthy of her classes. You realise that if you need to drive far or forsake your family for that hour, you should do it. You will not have that opportunity again. Your husband may be a bit sceptical at first, he might even say that he thinks you are becoming a member of a cult started by Tania (mine did!). Then he starts to see the results: your body looks better and more toned, you are happier and more fulfilled and he says that he thinks it's actually a very good thing to be part of! Of course, I do not need the permission or approval of a man to be at Tania's classes, because after all, we are sleek, sexy and powerful!


I love Tania, because she has so much passion!! Her energy and smile is contagious. Big hug for her!!!


I can highly recommend Tania's classes. They are energetic, fun and a serious workout. I've always enjoyed dancing and between Zumba, The Mix and Piloxing Barre I can get my fix of either Latin-inspired, high-energy class or badass ballerina. The Piloxing classes are also an amazing workout that works my body and clears my mind. If you want to get fit and have fun, definitely try out a class. You'll quickly be hooked.


From the moment when you walk into Tania's class, you can sense her absolute love for both Piloxing and Zumba, and it is visible throughout her training. Tania has helped me to be more confident in who I am and who I want to be. She has also trained me to be a Piloxing Instructor and my aim is to do it with as much passion as she does.

Jean, Certified Piloxing Instructor

Tania, four years ago we met and you started out by giving us Zumba classes for fun - and what fun it was! We felt alive. Coming with you all the way when you became a Zumba Master, then followed Piloxing, and shortly after that The Mix. What a workout!And just when I thought it could not get any better, Piloxing Barre jumped out. And you're a Master in every single one! Where better could I find such a workout that works every muscle I didn't even know I had. And even as I get older each year, I feel younger and have more energy. Love you, Tania!


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