<h2 style=”text-align: center;”>PILATES. BOXING. DANCE.</h2>
<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>GET EMPOWERED. BOTH PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY!</h3>
<h4 style=”text-align: center;”>GRACEFUL MOVEMENTS. POWERFUL PUNCHES. THIS IS PILOXING.</h4>
<h4><span style=”color: #ec008c;”>WORKOUT BENEFITS</span></h4>
<li>Burn up to 1200 calories per hour.</li>
<li>Improve cardiovascular ability.</li>
<li>Strengthen and lengthen muscles.</li>
<li>Improve balance and posture.</li>
<h4><span style=”color: #ec008c;”>THE WHAT</span></h4>
PILOXING SSP is the original fusion format that made PILOXING a worldwide success. Uniquely blending two of the industry’s most powerful and timeless disciplines of Pilates and Boxing, PILOXING SSP adds a third element of dance into this high-energy interval workout. This dynamic program moves through heart-pumping, powerful boxing combinations to sculpting and lengthening Pilates-influenced movement to ‘let yourself GO’ dance releases, and back around again. Never have you enjoyed sweating so much.
<h4><span style=”color: #ec008c;”>THE WHY</span></h4>
You’ll love the benefits of Pilates: longer, leaner muscles, improved flexibility and strength, better control, coordination and endurance throughout the entire body. You’ll love the benefits of Boxing: chiseled arms, a defined back and mental empowerment. And who doesn’t love the emotional high that comes from moving to the rhythm with others while torching calories. These are the three most in-demand classes rolled into ONE. These are the benefits of PILOXING SSP. Come see what all the rage is about. It’s your turn to love your workout.