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Sleek, sexy, powerful
The inspiring 41-year old Tania Ndlovu sports the body of a fitness goddess. She does not look her age and she certainly does not look like a mom of three strapping boys. Yet, her eldest son Kwezi is 12 years old. Sabelo is 8 and Senzo is 4. Her busy life does not only revolve around caring for her three sons and husband Dusi, who runs a busy home office. Tania is a Piloxing Master Trainer, Zumba instructor and she owns a wedding planning business, Soul Sistah, with an impressive client list of elite brides from all over the country.

Tania’s road to success as an exercise diva is certainly one less travelled. While most instructors have a fitness background, she does not and says: “I hated gym and wasn’t inspired by it. Until the Zumba bug bit me. Then, when I found Piloxing, it was a lightbulb moment for me.”

This bubbly, energetic person enjoyed ballet, gymnastics and athletics throughout her school career, but stopped doing sports when she studied public relations after school.

Mama moments
Tania and Dusi got married in 2000 and moved to Newlands in Cape Town. While pregnant with her first born, she picked up weight and like many new moms, struggled to lose it. She joined a local women’s gym but was soon bored with the workout routine. She packed on more pounds during her second pregnancy and was appalled to have 25kg to lose once Sabelo was born. She says: “We were on holiday and I realised everyone was in a bikini, except for me. I was overweight and ashamed of my body, sitting on the beach in a dress.

“I consulted an endocrinologist who advised that I cut out wheat, dairy and sugar from my diet. I went back to gym and discovered Zumba. Together with my new clean eating habits, Zumba was a killer combination and I quickly saw those kilos melt away. Extra zealous, I paid the instructor to have additional Zumba classes and she eventually motivated me to become a Zumba instructor in 2012.”

Tania gave birth to her third son in 2013 and moved to Wellington in 2014, where she started her own Zumba classes at her children’s school, Wellington Preparatory School. The Zumba classes have proven extremely popular not only amongst the moms at school, but Tania soon had a following of ladies (and sometimes even brave gents too) from Wellington and Paarl.

Powerful, yet elegant combination
Tania, at the time a busy Zumba instructor, then responded to an advert on Facebook for Piloxing training in 2014 and immediately loved the concept. So, by now you may wonder what this sleek, sexy, powerful Piloxing is all about. Hard hitting stuff. Think sweat, cardio workout, boxing, Pilates, a little bit of dance and a lot of core work. And the mantra, sleek, sexy, powerful.

The toning elements of Piloxing create lean muscle definition, which Tania would not have been able to achieve by practicing Zumba only. She enthuses: “Piloxing is the best exercise that I have ever tried and I just love the impact it has on my wellbeing.”

Motivating others to change
Nowadays, Tania teaches seven Zumba and Piloxing classes each week. When attending one of her classes, don’t think you would be let off the hook with a lazy instructor who watches while you sweat. She is right there, exercising alongside her students, motivating them and correcting postures to ensure everyone gets the maximum benefit of their hour of exercise. Apart from the teaching, Tania still exercises at home for about three hours a week when putting together new routines, ensuring that her class never becomes a bore.

Tania loves spreading exercise cheer and says: “Moms often don’t find time for themselves in their busy days. An hour of Piloxing or Zumba in the morning (or early evening, for the working moms) can do wonders for anyone who wants to get fit, lose weight and feel great. The early morning classes, scheduled to start at 8am when the school starts, work out well since moms who drop kids off at school then don’t have an excuse. They do not have to drive to gym, they’re at the exercise venue already and can just get out of their cars and join the class.”


  • Practice clean eating. If it looks like meat and broccoli, feel free to eat it. Stay away from processed foods and hidden sugars.
  • Water. Everyone says drink lots of water and there is a good reason for it. Flush out your system and get rid of toxins.
  • Sweat at least three times a week. Get your heartrate up but do not forget the importance of resistance training. That is where Piloxing is such a great exercise. Piloxing is done with weighted gloves (250 grams each), which adds resistance and helps with toning lean muscles.
  • Find your switch. Most people know when they need to lose weight or get fit. But until you’ve make the mental switch in your head, nothing is going to change. My switch to change was my visit to the endocrinologist. I was so unhappy when I was overweight.
  • Change your go-to for comfort. Whatever your vice (most women say chocolate or wine!), change it to working up a sweat and setting your goals on getting fit and lean.
  • Me-time. As a woman and a mother, you need to make time for yourself. For me, it is Piloxing and Zumba. I love to give my me-time to others so we can work out together. That’s my personality, I love to share and see other women work hard and enjoy their own me-time while working up a sweat. Giving my me-time to people who join the class really motivates me, giving me a sense of purpose.

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